Reflections on Having Written Yet Another Dog Post

Over the past few months, I have been posting with abnormal frequency about my dogs. I suspect this is – spoiler alert – because I will have to give them away once I leave the Philippines. You might say I’m practicing missing them now so that I’ll be really darn good at it by the time they’re actually gone. At this rate, however, my blog will soon be completely overrun with dog-related content. OK, listen – I’ve heard of a dog with a blog, but a blog with a dogs?! Now I’ve seen everything! Or, more accurately, now I’ve seen two things (a dog with a blog and a blog with a dogs, if you’re keeping score back home).

In honour of my latest dog post, I have created a new post category for my blog: A Dogs. (And yes, my posts do have categories – I’ve just made them incredibly difficult to find!) Here is an actual, completely unalerted screenshot of me creating the category in my WordPress blog:

It’s funny that the category has a slug, because slugs are not dogs! Dogs and slugs are similar in that they both eat plants in my garden. But whereas slugs leave a foul trail of mucous in their wake, dogs leave only a foul trail of love and happiness. Also, the Parent drop-down should be set to “Bloggerbels, the Proud Papa”, but it isn’t, because the guilt of giving them away is just killing me right now. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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