Everyone Hates Him

Source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/trainers-hate-him

Dentists hate him – He is always late for dental appointments
Trainers hate him – He has a stubborn personality and is difficult to train
Doctors hate him – He has cured all known diseases
Racists hate him – He has found a way to make all races live in harmony
Morticians hate him – He has found the secret to immortality
Police detectives hate him – He has found a way to commit murder without getting caught
Farmers hate him – He does not need food to survive
People who hate farmers love him – The enemy of their enemy is their friend
Haters hate him – Haters gonna hate
Estonians hate him – He advocates violence against Estonians
Food hates him – He has an enormous appetite!
Air hates him – He converts it into carbon dioxide through respiration
Waiters hate him – He is a terrible tipper
Socks hate him – He has a face no sock can love

One thought to “Everyone Hates Him”

  1. And a second toe longer than his great toe that puts a hole in every sock. This is a family trait that even all this hating cannot get the better of.

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